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Words That Inspire 12

To say our world has many challenges is an understatement. But so much good exists. Even in the darkest times, there is incredible light.

In my “Words That Inspire 10” post, I cited both an article and a talk discussing how the world by all indicators is actually getting better. What isn’t included in the analysis is what we ourselves can freely offer to our children to show to them a world of goodness.

As an analogy, we grow strong plants by not just watering them, but even more so by allowing them frequent exposure to light. Light nourishes in ways water never ever can.

For children, kindness is a light. Hope is a light. Love is light. Making meaningful stories accessible to children (and also reading aloud when able) is a light. Children learn much about life by observing the words and behaviors of the adults around them. Children need adults to help them navigate our complex world. Children can learn to cope with and rise above life’s many challenges not through greed or hate or anger, but instead through expressions of kindness, hope, love, as well as through the power of story.

Be a light for a child. Nothing is more important. Ignite your world with good.