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Do you appreciate your life? The people with whom you share it?

Do you have a purpose you are passionate about?

Do you regularly experience gratitude?

Gratitude is not just a moment of thanksgiving we acknowledge every November. Gratitude is a way of seeing. A way of being. Gratitude not only improves life, but it also reveals the vast importance of the small things. Gratitude also improves the immune system, helps alleviate stress and depression, and can lead to better health and sleep. Gratitude can bring focus to our lives. Gratitude bridges the gap that sometimes separates us from others.

Gratitude is a magic pill of sorts. No co-pay and it is available to anyone. No promises, however, that gratitude isn’t addictive. But if one is to fall into addiction, I can think of none better than to be forever grateful.

Take a moment. Breath in. Breath out. And re-visit the questions that begin this post. If the answers don’t bring you satisfaction and gratitude, ask yourself why.

Then ask yourself if being grateful can actually help you find your answers.