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Listen to the news anchors and the chatter on social media, and one would be inclined to believe we are living in a time when all the best days are far behind us. Anger and fear leads people to jump to the conclusion that society (and perhaps even the entire globe) is on the edge of dystopia.

Quite the contrary is true. Despite the endless negativity, the world as a whole is actually a better place now than in past times. Yes, there still are wars, misery, and poverty, but in overall numbers things are looking brighter. But don’t take my word for it.

Take a listen to Steven Pinker’s talk entitled, “Is The World Getting Better Or Worse?”

Then read PEW Research’s article “Globally Is Life Better Today Than In The Past?”

Finally…Just take a long deep breath, put up your feet, and shed the darkness that surrounds you. Then consider reading my post “Illuminating Light”

We often see what we expect to see. So seek the good. See the good.