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Words That Inspire 11

Anyone who is fluent in more than one language has taken notice of how some words hold profound cultural meanings that cannot always be easily translated into other languages. This is true of both living languages and ancient languages. Invented languages, such as those by Tolkien, also share with readers a richly imagined world all through the utilization of…WORDS.

The best writers of all genre pay close heed to the sound and meaning of words. A single word can change so much.

It is often estimated that the average native-speaking person knows approximately 45,000 words by adulthood, though on a daily basis may only use 7,000 per day (and for many, far less). Knowing how our use of words and language are affected by our use of technology is one interesting area of study. Language is a living and breathing entity, always changing.

After all, in this short 5 minute lecture, the speaker John McWhorter poses the question “Are Elvish, Klingon, Dothraki, and Na’vi real languages?”

So sit back, grab a book, or listen to a lecture, and relax. Let the writers and poets and speakers of the world continue to capture our hearts and minds through their carefully (and often uniquely) chosen words.

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