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The Anxiety Pandemic

All around us our country and world are in turmoil. A deadly viral pandemic. A widespread lockdown. An economic downturn. Growing unemployment. Police brutality. Racism. Protests. Violent riots. Divisive politics. Ongoing war.

The media focuses on these crises, playing up the turmoil to the boiling point.

Behind the scenes, getting far less attention, are children and youth who are living in poverty, or in dysfunctional families and neighborhoods, or suffering abuse and neglect, witnessing death and violence, many struggling and fearful in dangerous schools, or living under extremes of pressure to succeed, while growing up anxious and without hope or understanding.

Gifted Education International [GEI], a SAGE peer-reviewed journal, recently published an article of mine entitled, “Anxiety in today’s children and young adults.”

From the abstract:

“This paper addresses the growing crisis of anxiety in today’s children and young adults. It further elucidates specifics associated with gifted children and youth. It describes the issues surrounding anxiety, the risk factors, the complications, and known treatment modalities, while offering further treatment and coping suggestions that may be useful in our increasingly stress-filled world.”

Our children and youth need our focus. Their mental health is at stake. Their sense of stability is shaken. We must be a light and a helper in these uncertain times. Adults also need to assess and attend to their own level of stress. No one is immune to this anxiety pandemic.

Information may provide useful tools to help protect ourselves and our loved ones, lower anxiety, and increase hope and understanding in our uncertain world.

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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”Frederick Douglass