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Tick Tock…Tick Tock…

It’s less than TWO HOURS from the release of the Mueller Report. All eyes are on the outcome. Half the country believes the President is innocent of collusion and obstruction. Half the country wants him tarred and feathered.

How did we get here? How did this country become so divided? Why is the expectation that should the Mueller Report fully vindicate the President, there will be riots in the street and a continued disbelief in the report?

As a life-long liberal, and advocate for peace, I can no longer abide by the hate of the Democratic Party. The use by their members of symbolism to claim their moral superiority is tainted and wrong. In the not too distant past, there was outrage (and most rightfully so) to immediately associate a hoodie and a black individual with nefarious behavior. Now, it’s become a given to associate a Trump red hat with white supremacy. It’s become a given to associate the US flag with racism and all that is wrong in the country. It’s become a given to associate half the country (those who support the opposing GOP party) as lesser humans. Bigots. Sexists. Racists. Uneducated.

We now sit at a precipice where half the country (those opposing the President) will be strangely aggrieved and outraged if the President is found innocent. Who could possibly even want one’s national leader to be found guilty? This doesn’t bode well for our democracy nor our future.

These acts of moral indignation against the President and the GOP political party did not just come from nothing. They were fomented by big money and political power. And these acts are not just intermittent. The hate has been continuous since election day 2016. Protests (many violent), attacks against administration members, and attacks against citizens. Friendships have dissolved, as have marriages. Feuds between family members are a common occurrence. Jobs have been lost.

I come back to the question…How did we get here? And more importantly, will the US survive such divisiveness? How much could Congress and the Administration have accomplished in these nearly three years if they worked together for the American people instead of locking horns?

If the President is vindicated, will Congress now work together with the President to accomplish legislation? Or will they, as they’ve already indicated, continue their search for a person (that is, the President) to fit a crime?

Whatever the outcome of today’s Mueller Report…the losers are undoubtedly the American people. Hate is an acid that destroys. There may be no turning back. The damage is done.

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